RB Precision Inc.

About Our Company

We try to offer a Quality Product first and foremost. nothing is more frustrating than cheap components failing. Our customers demand excellence. For this reason we offer a limited number of vendors that we have personally tested and used their products. You are not going to find cheap, unreliable and dangerous products on our site. This is my Promise

What We Offer

I started RB Precision Inc. in 2002. I developed the love for all things firearm related at an early age. Growing up in Grand Junction Colorado, hunting, target shooting, fishing and the outdoors was a large part of my life. Gun oil is in my blood. When moving to the Midwest that fire was fueled when I was hired as Quality Engineer and eventually  Quality Manager At Lewis Machine and Tool. Karl Lewis had a drive for quality, precision and reliability that I respected immensely and has carried me through my many career opportunities. Working in the aerospace, precision casting, machining and even the sales department at Rock River Arms has allowed me to view products, manufacturing, sales and service through both sides of the counter. I believe I treat customers as "Clients" not a one time sale.

-Robert Stanfield   CEO